Course Guide

Hole 1

With trees half way down the fairway and not far to the hole, flick a short iron for height & distance to achieve your goal.

Mens 149 yards
Ladies 127 yards

CLGC Hole 1

Hole 2

A controlled tee-off shot with a 3 wood is the best way by far, sets up a fairway long iron hit to the green ensuring at least a par.

Mens 363 yards
Ladies 339 yards

CLGC hole 2

Hole 3

Course's longest hole, so tee off smoothly with the driver, to set up a hybrid, a pitching wedge and a par putt saver.

Mens 413 yards
Ladies 405 yards

CLGc hole 3

Hole 4

Try to keep it on the fairway between the bunker, banks & trees, achieved with a long iron, then another, then a putter for birdie threes.

Mens 342 yards
Ladies 331 yards

CLGC hole 4

Hole 5

Use a 3 or 5 wood here aiming straight down the fairway, from this position take out a long iron to keep it in play.

Mens 354 yards
Ladies 332 yards

CLGC hole 5

Hole 6

Think about aligning a mid iron slightly left of the green perhaps, as prevents balls from ending up lost in the water & sand traps.

Mens 174 yards
Ladies 144 yards

CLGC hole 6

Hole 7

Noting out of bounds left, ensure shoulders, feet and club aimed right, now aligned correctly all what's needed is just to watch the ball flight.

Mens 177 yards
Ladies 165 yards

CLGC hole 7

Hole 8

Play the hole as you see it and you will be fine, just swing an easy flowing short iron down the incline.

Mens 164 yards
Ladies 151 yards

CLGC hole 8

Hole 9

Depending on a players strengths an iron will clear the lake in one, for others hit a sand iron short, then use that same club again is fun.

Mens 141 yards
Ladies 128 yards

CLGC hole 9