Get the right clubs to suit your game

Callaway Custom Fit Demo Day Tuesday 28 April 6pm-9.30pm

The fitting sessions are free and will be great opportunity to get try out the latest equipment and get advice from the experts. Ideal if you were looking to test out a driver or were thinking about investing in some new irons. Book a time on the range from 6.30pm onwards, there will also be the opportunity to test the product in play by hitting onto the 9th green.To reserve your slot book in with the pro shop on 020 8871 2468 or email

What is custom fit?

Everybody has a different swing and everyone has a different body type. Custom fitting allows your clubs to be tailored to your body type. Having correctly fitted clubs helps improve consistency in your game. It adds distance to your shots, improves confidence and can help reduce your handicap!

What does the session involve?

The process takes 1 hour and you will be fitted by one of our qualified fitters. The cost for a fitting is £25.

What are you being fitted for?

We can fit you for irons, wedges and drivers. We go through a process of elimination to find the best set up for you. The session covers club length, lie angles, flex and type of shaft, type of club head and the different models available. We will provide you with a video of your swing and explain all our recommendations fully.

Please call 020 8871 2468 for more details or to book a Custom Fit session, alternatively email