Improvers Roll-up Thursday Evenings 7pm

19th Jun 2014

We have really enjoyed introducing golf to so many of you this year and working with all of you on improving that swing. As you appreciate there is a long way to go before your are the finished article and ready to challenge for a major. As part of the next step in your golfing progression and to take advantage of the glorious summer evenings, we are setting up a improvers roll up on a Thursday evening from 6pm.
We'd like you to come down, get a bit of practice in and then head out and play a few holes with one of our coaching team on hand walking around with the groups, giving advice and generally trying to get that confidence up. We'll look to demonstrate good course management, shot selection but mainly how to get out there and starting PLAYING!!!! As this is the best way to improve and the reason you took those lessons in the first place.

This will be a very relaxed and informal get together and the bar will be open for those who need to take speedy refuge after hitting 4 in the lake!

Its a great opportunity to meet others who are just starting off and use up one of your green fee tokens! There'll be special prizes for anyone who beats the score of the Pro on any hole.

Cost is just £10 for the green fee, 20 balls to warm up and access to the Pro.

First session will be First Thursday in July and then running through the summer until September.

Please email to express your interest and we will reserve some tee off times accordingly.